Learn Through Life – An individualized approach to learning

Hello, my name is Christine Bernat, and I developed this site so that educational technology can be better utilized by people for individual purposes. It is a companion site to my book Individualized Learning with Technology – Meeting the Needs of High School Students. My book states how individualized learning can begin in high school and continue throughout life.

You can use this site if:

  • You’re an educator and/or student wishing to find an app to meet an individual student(s) need. You can find it yourself by your own criteria.

  • You’re an adult looking to advance in your career or goals for the future. You can find the right one(s) for you – in the content area and level that you desire.

  • You’re a business determined to tap the undeveloped potential of your employees. You can find the apps that can best address your strategic business needs.

This site is designed to benefit everyone. For extra guidance, you can follow the principles outlined in my book. This book describes common learning needs and categorizes them. It then explains the apps that can be used to meet those needs (see categories below).

You can find apps to:

  • Introduce new knowledge. On-line courses/curriculum can provide all that is required for learning. You can use these apps to receive content presentation, learning practice, and assessment. Badges and certificates are often available after completion.

  • Practice needed skills. Additional practice can benefit any discipline. You can use these apps to brush up on needed skills or supplement other learning. For example, often all that is required to be successful on many examinations, such as the GED or ACT/SAT, is targeted practice.

  • Enhance engagement and motivation. Everyone knows that learning is not motivating when it isn’t fun. You can use engagement apps to ignite a spark and enjoyment for learning. Once an interest has been gained in a content area, a learning path can be determined to help achieve in that area.

  • Engage in STEM and STEAM. Gaining experience in the latest tech tools is a must for everyone. You can use these apps to learn robotics and coding at any level of expertise, or you can use them to learn modern media techniques to create cutting-edge productions.

  • And More….


Now, you can begin the individualized learning path by finding the right apps for you on the Ed Tech Directory.



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